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Making progress on Super Distro Horizons!

Current State of Distro Horizons Vs. Galaximo’s Army

Hi there guys ‘n gals,

Ryan S here. Today, I’m going to be talking about Distro Horizons Vs. Galaximo’s Army; where we currently are, how we’re doing and all our plans and what not. I’ll try and be as concise as possible, but I have a tendency to rabbit on a little bit, so I apologize in advance! 


New Alpha (Alpha 0.7 - Theme Park of Illusion):

We’ve just pushed Alpha 0.7 to Desura. A lot has changed but there is still a lot of change still to happen. We took the Winter level completely out, it’s gone. Poof, bye bye. We’ve replaced it with a level that will manifest into the final project; Theme Park of Illusion. We’ve also taken the 2D cutscene and made a very rough 3D cutscene (Which is a placeholder cutscene). Enemies have gone for the time being, as I’m sorting out combat to something which actually works. We’re still on course for Summer 2014, however… We’ve got to explain how the summer release will work…


Two Versions of Distro Horizons

This sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. Since we’re releasing Distro Horizons, we’ve decided to create and deploy the game on two different engines.  Why? Because we want to give Desktop users the best possible experience available to them, which is why today we’re announcing that the Desktop versions of Distro Horizons will be developed on Unreal Engine 4! - That’s right! The brand-spanking new engine will be the powerhouse behind bringing Distro Horizons to you awesome people!

The other versions of Distro Horizons will be developed with Unity Pro, and unlike what most AAA* companies do, it’ll still be an N64-Style 3D Platformer. The only differences will be graphical fidelity and a few gameplay differences here and there. I get that that all probably sounds super-freakin’ complicated, so here is a TL;DR:

Super Distro Horizons Vs. Galaximo’s Army - Windows, Mac, Linux

Distro Horizons Vs. Galaximo’s Army - Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, Gamestick, Ouya, WP8, Windows Surface .etc

NOTE: Linux is currently in development for Super Distro Horizons, however at this time we can’t confirm it will release at launch. At launch, Linux will receive Distro Horizons as well as Super Distro Horizons when it launches.

If you have ANY questions about this, I know I haven’t explained it very well, so don’t be a stranger, email us and we’ll do our best to answer your questions! - Our email:


So that’s all the news we have to dish out today. Lots of work to do and whatnot, peace out everybody! Have a lovely day/night/whatever!

- Ryan S, Project Lead

Check out the new hubworld with Spyro-esque portals!

Manapool - Interview with Kitatus Studios on Distro Horizons

We did a really fun an in-depth interview with Manapool! Be sure to check it out, especially if you want to be immortalized within the worlds of Distro Horizons!

Distro Horizons Minihub!

We’ve created a minihub for all things Distro Horizons, be sure to check it and fav it!

And be sure to check out the Steam Greenlight and give us a vote! You could be in the credits for doing so!

Steam Greenlight :: Distro Horizons Vs. Galaximo's Army

Distro Horizons Vs. Galaximo’s Army - The N64-Style Platformer for Windows, Mac and Linux has made it to Steam Greenlight! Help us out by voting yes and maybe, just maybe you’ll see Distro Horizons on Steam real soon!

(Feature) - How we used Unity Free to create a seamless transition to the next scene with a Pre-Rendered Cutscene

Hi there Guys ‘n gals,  Today we’re gonna be talking through what we did in Unity to manage a scene transition to a cutsccene and then over to another scene after the cutscene finished playing in Unity Free. Here is a video of the final product of this tutorial:

From design to implementation, here is how I managed to pull this off in Unity free. So, to start things off, Here is the original plan I had, expertly crafted in Paint, the king of Image Creation tools:

As you hopefully can see, the idea is simple. When a player enters a portal, it triggers a cutscene and then loads the next scene when the cutscene is over.

So we had the plan, we just had to figure out how to pull it off. We had “Application.LoadLevel();” but we needed a way to trigger this.

So we did it the old fashion way and added a simple box collider to the scene (Create > Other > Cube). removed the mesh (Under mesh Filter, Highlight Cube and hit backspace), clicked “Is Trigger” in the box collider properties and set the tag/layer to “Port”.

An image of these steps can be found here: CLICK ME.

Once we made the collider, we headed over to the Asset Store, to get our hands on Screen Fader, An asset which makes Screen Fading possible. Following the instructions in the Asset, we configured the fade out to our personal specifications and popped it into the scene.

So we had the collider and the screen fader all in the scene, but how do we make this transition into a movie file (Especially when using Unity Free)? Well, heading over to the main character in our scene, we added this C# script to the character:

public class YOURNAMEHERE : MonoBehaviour 
  IEnumerator OnTriggerEnter (Collider other){
    if ( == "port") 
      yield return new WaitForSeconds (1);
      {        Application.LoadLevel("YOURLEVELNAMEHERE");  

We tested the scene and BAM, it changes to the next level after the fade. It’s cool and all, but we wanted a movie to play after the fade.

So in the new Scene (“YOURLEVELNAMEHERE”), we need to put video. But we’re on Unity free. No problem.

We downloaded the free Asset “Universal Video Texture Lite”. The way this works is by using images of your video. Don’t worry, it still plays perfectly like a video but uses tricks to get past Unity’s Pro wall.

To turn our video into images, We converted our video file to . mov (Using Xilisoft’s Video Converter Ultimate but there are plenty of free options available).

Once all converted up, we headed to QuickTime Pro (There are plenty ways to do this, by the way, this is just the way we did it) and hit File > Export. From here, it was a “Save as Image sequence” job (MAKE SURE YOU SELECT THE CORRECT FPS), and we had the files ready for the Universal Video Texture Lite.

All we need now is Audio! So we headed back over to Xilisoft’s Video Converter Ultimate and made sure to convert the video into .mp3 (Using the same file name).

So we have everything we need, let’s put it all together. I followed the tutorial in Universal Video Texture Lite and before I knew it, we had a full video and audio playing in the scene. Perfect!

But at the end of the video, we’re stuck in the video’s black screen. How do we get around this? With this Javascript script! We checked the original video file to see how long we needed time-wise (21 seconds) and BAM!  

#pragma strict

function Start () {
Invoke("nextScene", 21);
function nextScene () {

Then, just to confirm everything works, we build the project and ta-da! A seamless transition to the next scene with a cutscene in between!

If anything doesn’t make sense or you need some clarification on anything, feel free to shoot me an email: and I’ll guide you as best I can with a video or something on how we did it all.

Thanks for reading and best of luck in all of your projects guys ‘n gals!

- Ryan S, Project Lead 

Check out the upcoming features in Alpha 0.6 of Distro Horizons Vs. Galaximo’s Army

Alpha 0.6 Planned Features : KitatusStudios

Here is a list of planned updates and changes coming up in the next Alpha for Distro Horizons!

Vote for Unity Asset: Plates [Materials & Textures] & Win Distro Horizons on Desura!

Fancy a Unity 3D asset at a cheaper price AND a chance to win Distro Horizons? Then check out the link and vote on the price for IndieDevDad’s Plates Pack Collection #1 and be in the chance of winning yourself a Desura copy of Distro Horizons Vs. Galaximo’s Army!

Full terms and conditions are available on the link!

Good luck!

- Ryan S, Project Lead

Kitatus Studios is now on Reddit!

For those of you who prefer to receive your news, images and whatnot, we’ve now launched a subreddit dedicated to all things Kitatus.

We’ll be doing random Giveaways, as well as news, updates and features so if you’re interested in Distro Horizons Vs. Galaximo’s Army or anything Kitatus, feel free to join the community now!

The link is here: R/KitatusStudios

Distro Horizons Vs. Galaximo’s Army is now available on Desura at 50% off!

When you purchase you recieve:

  • All future Alphas
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Desura Digital Distribution

Distro Horizons Vs. Galaximo's Army is now available for Pre-Purchase @ IndieGameStand!

Want Distro Horizons Vs. Galaximo’s Army Now? Pre-Purchase is now available on IndieGameStand! This unlocks all future alpha and beta releases as well as the full game upon release (As well as all future DLC free)

Check out the latest improvements to Hubworld (Now version 0.0.3). There’s still tonnes to add, but we’re making progress!

Distro Horizons Vs. Galaximo's Army ALPHA - 0.0.2 Hubworld [Devlog 0.2]

Hey guys ‘n gals,

Another update today; Showing off the progress made on the hubworld. It’s not much yet, but it’s quickly growing into something beautiful. Slowly.