About Us!

We’re Kitatus Studios!

An independent video-game developer based in London, United Kingdom.
Our mission is to make video-games that are as fun as they used to be. A lot of games around now are turning into chores to play; Where’s the fun in that? Back in the golden age, Games were all about fun; You WANTED to play them, you weren’t forced to. So we’ve built a time machine (We might be lying about that) so we can bring the best of the golden age of gaming and inject it into today’s video-game scene! Let’s bring fun back into gaming!

Super Distro Features!


Travelling around various stages has never been so fun. Or so rewarding! Explore the Hubworld and find secret areas, hidden treasures and maybe a surprise or two… Currently, we have a main hubworld and two sub-hubs planned! One of the sub-hubworlds are already in the game - NeoTokyo! 

Local & Online Muiltiplayer!

We’re currently developing plenty of extra modes for multiplayer for you to challenge your family/friends/pets at different games based in the Distro universe. Some of these modes include: Race, Battle, Hunt and a whole collection of mini-games inspired by classic and modern video-games! 

FREE DLC Forever!

It’s a shame this has to be a feature in video-games these days, but if it has to be so, it has to be so. Every single piece of added content before and after launch is free with every copy of the game. This will include extra levels, extra characters, bonus missions, more multiplayer maps and modes. Anything that we can do to support the game post-launch. And it’ll all be free. Forever.